Welcome to Michael Chafee Enterprises

Michael Chafee Enterprises has been in business for over thirty years. We are a successful manufacturers representative firm in Florida that handles some of the world's most elite and legacy products in the consumer electronics industry.

As a company we take pride in our extensive knowledge base, dedication and responsiveness to our dealers and manufacturers. We are proponents of maximizing distribution while minimizing conflicts. As a team we have many years of experience and are very good at what we do. Our efforts have resulted in our earning over sixty rep of the year awards, though it feels as if we've just begun.

Any mid to high range sound system is like an engine that needs to be tuned.
No system exists in a vacuum, which is why they're not sold pre-tuned.

Personally, I knew my new system was an improvement over the old one I had and yet the quality
I expected from it eluded me until I placed it in the able hands - and ears - of Michael Chafee.
In a couple of hours, Michael 'sculpted' - his word - the sound of my system to my media room.
I was looking for high fidelity and that's exactly what I got. No more, no less.

I'm a Grammy-winning music producer. It does me no good to record and master with the finest engineers if I cannot reproduce with reasonable accuracy the sound I capture in the recording studio. Michael has made this possible. I mean this as very high praise indeed.
- Nat Chediak

Our People

Michael Chafee began his career as a manufacturer's representative in 1972, making him the youngest manufacturer's rep in the country. Michael met his wife Carole on an end of the year sales trip to Florida correspondingly prompting his move to the sunshine state. He is a very talented, meticulous man who continues to leave his customers and colleagues in awe of the work he does. Read Michael's full biography

Travis Kinsey has been an associate of Michael Chafee Enterprises for over eight years. He graduated from the University of South Florida with a degree in business. Travis began in the office with clerical duties and moved on to traveling with Michael. Recently Travis began traveling on his own. He is a very talented and knowledgeable representative who always has the customer's best interest in mind.

Pam Clark is the office manager here at Michael Chafee Enterprises and runs the internal affairs of our company. She has been with Michael essentially since he re-located to Florida over thirty years ago.