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Who should tune your clients' systems?

Chafee Audio Room Tuning

Michael Chafee has had an interesting career, starting professionally as a folk singer at the age of 15. Upon graduation from High School, he accepted a Congressional appointment to The United States Naval Academy. Michael is a world renowned system tuner who is flexible, talented, and determined to get a great result.

"Michael, it is your hard work that brought this room to its fullest potential." – Phil Ramone, Legendary Producer

"Michael, ALL the presenters want to thank you for being the first person to care about the sound quality of the playback of their recordings." – Michael Bishop, Senior recording engineer of Telarc Records

"Mike, when I first met you 30 years ago I thought maybe you were the man... And after the job you have done for us in tuning this complex system, I know you are the man." – Christopher Hansen, Simply Home Entertainment

Mike, your Room Tuning abilities are far beyond the generic abilities of most of the so–called 'automated room correction systems'. A theater tuned with a built–in EQ short changes the client of the true magic that's there. You are the best, my friend, for sure. You delivered the client what he was truly promised: A Transformational Experience!" – John Marrero, Advanced Home Theater, Inc

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Accolades for Tuning Services Continue…

Chafee Audio Room Tuning

Mike Chafee continues to leave the industry in awe with his audio/room tuning expertise. Over the years Mike has made it his business to provide professional calibration, design, and acoustical consultation for home theaters and recording studios across the country. Mike’s goal is simple, make a great sound and most of all make his customers happy. His recent visit to Studio Center recording studio in Miami, FL is another job well done for Mike.

Gary Vandy, partner and chief engineer at Studio Center had this to say about Mikes visit: "Michael Chafee tuned our new Icon Room at Studio Center. He did an amazing job. The room now has an incredible sound stage and translates to other systems wonderfully. He is the best! Tunes systems as only a great musician can."

Florida Sliding Doors – A Cinema with a View

Florida Sliding Doors Cinema

"It all adds up to an unusually demanding acoustic space – but one easily tamed by a Genelec active loudspeaker system designed and tuned in collaboration with audio consultant Michael Chafee. The system comprises a pair of HT312B 3-way speakers as left-right enclosures, a1038B as centre speaker, an HTS4 sub for low frequencies and in-wallAIW25 panels mounted in the ceiling for surround effects."

'In a room such as this, the room response controls that are built into Genelec active speakers allow a degree of control that is extremely useful,' comments Chafee, and few who have heard the Boca Raton systemin action would disagree."

Genelec in the Top 6 Stand-outs at Electronic House Expo 2009

Genelec Speaker

"At the 2009 Electronic House Expo, Michael Chafee (FL Rep) took the initiative to set up a full 7.1 Genelec Surround system with HT315A’s,HT210B’s, an HTS6 and a pair of HTS4B’s as part of the show’s "Demo Alley". During the course of the show, attendees and press personnel had an opportunity to experience a tri-amplified Genelec system, many for the first time. As you might expect, the system caused quite a stir at the show.

Listening to everything from a movie soundtrack like “Phantom of the Opera” to Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Jeff Beck, the HT315A delivered clean volume within its Demo Alley space. The most amazing part is that the Genelec suite of speakers produced SPLs over 120 dB with no distortion. Listening to Black Sabbath’s "War Pigs" at that clean level made me feel like I was standing next to Tony Iommi’s Laney amps at a live Sabbath show. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Another respected CI pro observed: - "I had to stop by Mike Chafee's Genelec room at the end of the show to cleanse my ears from the other wares being peddled at the show."

'Floating for Success' on a Florida Waterfront

Florida Waterfront

Despite all the efforts made to ensure that the cinema was acoustically isolated from the outside world, the choice, positioning, and tuning of the room's loudspeakers still had to be taken with great care. Audio system design was a joint effort between Jacoby and consultant Michael Chafee, who also tuned the system once it was in place.

Out of sight, not out of mind

cinema room hidden speakers

At a spacious penthouse apartment in the exclusive Miami suburb of Key Biscayne, audio consultant Michael Chafee has designed a home-cinema setup that largely disappears from view when not in use – yet lacks for nothing in dynamics, power, or imaging.

The owners of the penthouse wanted a home-theatre system in their lounge, but the room has a corner location with great views out across the ocean and toward downtown Miami, so turning the space into a dedicated movie theatre was out of the question, explains Chafee.

The Genelecs have a wide range of acoustic adjustments and the whole system has been tuned to the room, which is a typical modern living space that is quite reverberant, says Chafee, who adds that the Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) that is part of the HT206B’s design makes the speaker particularly suited to difficult acoustic environments such as this.

Even though it is invisible, this is a sophisticated AV system that delivers everything the customer asked for, Chafee concludes. The Genelec speakers offer not just high quality but high value – and they are an excellent investment.

Miami Install

Genelec Miami install room Genelec Miami install rack

Home theatre is big business out here and professional installers like Hed South and system tuner Mike Chaffee are kept busy with clients all over southern Florida.

This particular job on Bal Harbour Drive for clients Helen and John is a fine example of their work and a lesson in hidden cinema… Instead of a dedicated home theatre, John wanted to adapt the large reception room into a general entertaining area with a pool table, plenty of comfortable seating and a state-of-the-art home entertainment system that would magically appear at the push of a button. This would allow them plenty of room to read or shoot pool in the day, while the room would convert itself into a home theatre for movies in the evening. Its invisibility was a key factor because the cinema had to fit harmoniously with the interior designer’s vision of the room, which definitely did not include trailing cables or piles of electrical components.

Mike Chaffee had to spend some time adjusting the 'tilt' of the room and tuning the system to perfection – something he had spent much time doing in his previous life as a sound engineer in the music business. Luckily the Genelec speakers Hed South had specified are capable of breathtaking clarity when called for and the end result sounded as clear as a bell in a recording studio.

Symetrix Zone Mix 760 Brings Country Lifestyle Back to Hurricane Hit Wauchula, Florida

Wauchula Public Address System

"After tackling the more pressing concerns, Wauchula raised funds to upgrade its public address system. The old system was hanging by a thread and sounded like all those hurricanes knocked the spirit out of it. This was not the sort of tired statementthe town was hoping to make to either its citizens or visitors! Michael Chafee of nearby Sarasota’s Michael Chafee Enterprises, a pro audio manufacturers rep and audio consultant, designed a beautiful system centered on a Symetrix Zone Mix 760, with installation performed by John Altamura and Greg DeGiorgio of Gulf Coast Technical Services of Largo, Florida.

'There’s really no comparison between the old system and the new one,' said Chafee. 'The clarity and intelligibility of the new system is phenomenal – like auditory gold. Plenty of headroom and very low distortion are worlds away from the tinny sound of yesterday. Not only do they use the system for the bands that roll through every few weeks and parades, but also for background music! That entire four blocks is immersed in really nice tunes, either from an iPod or from a local radio station."